What is Transcoat?

Transcoat offers the label industry a unique, innovative and custom manufacturing process. Our state-of-the-art patent pending combination of adhesive, facestock technology and equipment go far beyond what the industry offers.

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Our process

Transcoat’s technology lets your imagination dictate your material construction design and production process. Set up in your very own facility, Transcoat offers a custom, out of the box and competitive solution designed at building your personalized PS Laminates while saving cost and time ( PATENT PENDING ).

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  • Cost Efficient

    By producing your label with Transcoat, you get a custom construction at a fraction of the price.

  • Time Saving

    Transcoat is simple, compact and can’t be easier to set up.

  • Waste Reduction

    With Transcoat’s concept, minimize your environmental footprint and maximize your labelstock capacity. Bonus : Less waste equals more money.

  • Easy to Use

    Straight forward, no non-sense and user-friendly. We even provide a private onboarding training session in your own facility.

  • Limitless Creativity

    Your imagination is Transcoat’s limit. Create your own labelstock, own your facestock and manage your own production.

  • Control Over Production

    With Transcoat, no need to wait for your special order. Do it right away in your own facility all the while controlling your supplies.


Our place in the label printing industry

Make Your Own PS Laminate And Save!

Transcoat brings the same benefits of coating your own material, minus the related technical problems, time consuming learning curve, single adhesive type technology limitations and capital cost of a dedicated coating and converting line.

Here is an overview of how you would pay when using TRANSCOAT versus traditionnal PS Laminate suppliers.

$ 0.34 USD/msi

Clear and White BOPP

$ 0.38 USD/msi

Metalized BOPP

$ 0.42 USD/msi

WB Inkjet Matt paper

$ 0.44 USD/msi

Wine/Craft Beer Paper

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